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If you are facing divorce, you do not need anyone to tell you that your life will soon change in major ways. What you definitely do need is clear, reliable information on relevant Louisiana laws, how the process works and your options for getting through divorce in the best shape possible. Emotional support from friends and family can be vital, but it is no substitute for representation by a lawyer who will fight for your best interests at every turn.

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When you turn to me, dedicated Louisiana divorce and family law attorney Keith Friley, you will have a highly engaged guide and counselor on your side from day one through resolution of your case. Applying three decades of experience dealing with family disputes at all levels of conflict and complexity, I will help you move out of “crisis mode” and make solid decisions regarding your children, financial concerns and other crucial issues.

Marital relationships break down for a vast array of reasons. Often, divorcing spouses have reached a point where they cannot discuss child custody, parenting, child support, alimony, division of community property or other such issues calmly.

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