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Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas
Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas

3 Tips for divorcing dads to win joint custody of their kids

If you are a dad who is going through a divorce and you are worried about what your future time will look like with your young son or daughter, you are not alone. For many divorcing dads, this is a pressing concern when they split up with the mother of their child.

The good news is, today’s family courts no longer take a standard traditional approach to determining custody. In fact, joint custody is quite common, and in many cases, it is in the best interest of the children involved. Plus, there can be benefits for both parents. Read on to learn how to win this kind of legal arrangement.

1. Show up

From building a strong relationship with your child to attending important meetings and events, you need to show up for your child if you want to win joint custody. Plus, doing this is not just good for your court case. According to research, children with engaged fathers have better outcomes.

2. Communicate

Without a doubt, solid communication is necessary if you want custody proceedings to go in your favor. This includes communicating with your child’s other parent, too. While joint custody arrangements can have many benefits, they require the willingness of both parents to cooperate when it comes to communicating their child’s needs.

3. Be respectful

In addition to being able to communicate, you also need to be able to do so respectfully. The family court will consider the type of relationship you maintain with your former partner and child, and any signs of aggression or hostility will not help your case. Even if it is difficult, being respectful is always the best communication route.

Divorce can be stressful. A joint custody arrangement can help you maintain the important relationship between you and your child.