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Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas
Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas

Do You Want To Modify Your Existing Court Order?

Once a court order is in place to govern over issues such as child custody, child support, visitation or spousal support, you are obligated to follow the court order as long as it is in effect. Anyone who fails to adhere to an active court order could face legal consequences, including being found in contempt of court. If you are falling behind in custody or spousal support payments, the court could use several enforcement methods to collect outstanding payments you failed to make. However, the court recognizes a change in circumstances and will usually modify the existing court order for you if your reasons are valid. In situations where you require a court order modification, it is definitely in your best interest to obtain an experienced Baton Rouge divorce attorney from Friley & Dugas, LLC.

Court order modifications must be carefully drafted with specific legal language to protect the rights of the parties. They must be filed with the court, where you must present a compelling case and show proof that you or the other party has had a substantial change in circumstances. The evidence you present must support your request to the court and which is where we come in. We have extensive experience with court order modifications, and we know what it takes to build a compelling case for the courtroom. With over four decades of experience, we will help guide you every step of the way so that you can reach the most favorable outcome in your case.

Grounds For Modifying A Court Order

For the court to consider modifying an existing court order, you must be able to show that your circumstances have substantially changed since the original court order. Some valid grounds for modification could include:

  • A change in income or employment
  • A need to move or relocate
  • A remarriage
  • A change in the child’s needs (education, medical care)
  • It is in the best interest of the child

The Modification Process

The first step in modifying a court order is to file a petition with the court, requesting a modification. This requires the help of an experienced family law attorney to ensure that the petition is properly drafted and served on the other party. If the other party agrees to the modification, the process can move rather quickly. If the other party is not in favor and wishes to contest the modification, the court can set temporary orders until the issue is resolved at trial.

How A Baton Rouge Area Divorce Attorney Can Help

Over our years of experience, we have drafted countless petitions for court order modifications and are intimately familiar with the court process. If your modification requires trial litigation, we will stand ready to appear in court with a compelling case on your behalf. The court will make no changes to your order unless it approves your written petition, which is why you must seek assistance with drafting your petition and presenting it to the court. We have been handling family law matters and proudly serving families throughout the Baton Rouge area for over 40 years.

Whether you are looking to modify a custody order, a child support order or a visitation agreement, we offer our assistance. Our firm will be with you every step of the way so that you understand every aspect of your case. For dedicated legal assistance with your court order modification, contact our firm today or call at your convenience at 866-915-0586.