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Domestic Violence and Family Law

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Baton Rouge Divorce Attorney

Family law cases can be difficult to go through. Many people feel frustrated, confused and do not know where to turn to ensure that their rights are upheld. At my firm, you can rest assured that I will work my hardest to help you obtain a positive outcome for your case. When you are faced with an uncertain future, you can rely on my dedicated and experience to provide you with the aggressive representation that you deserve. You should never have to face the family law courts alone and when you work with my firm, you will never have to.

When a case of domestic violence is incorporated into a family law concern, the stakes can get high. If your abuser is your spouse or a partner that lives with you, you may be feeling the urgency to protect yourself and your family. In this scenario, the first thing you need to do is contact local authorities to ensure your safety and immediately contact my firm. When you work with me, I will review the entire situation and obtain necessary evidence and police reports to help you file a protective order in a timely fashion. Once the protective order is implemented, I can help you enforce the protective order and ensure that justice is served to your wrongdoer.

If you are considering filing for divorce or legal separation from your abuser, you can work with my firm as well. The state of Louisiana recognizes physical or sexual abuse as grounds for divorce and by proving that you were assaulted or beaten by your spouse can greatly strengthen your case. I will help you not only file for a protective order, but I will assist you in obtaining the necessary medical records that will be needed to prove your case. You are in good hands when you work with a Baton Rouge divorce attorney and I will aggressively fight to help you obtain a positive outcome in a timely manner.

Representation for Your Case

Are you considering filing for a protective order? Do you need to ensure your safety and the safety of your family? Family law concerns need to be addressed immediately and they deserve the representation of an experienced and trusted attorney. Do not hesitate to schedule a confidential case evaluation. I stand ready to provide you with outstanding legal representation for your case. If you are in Baton Rouge or the surrounding areas, contact my Baton Rouge firm today to schedule an appointment and to retain the legal guidance that you deserve. No matter what family law concern you face, you can rely on Keith Friley Attorney at Law.