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Protecting The Best Interests Of You And Your Children

Child custody and visitation are the issues most likely to be disputed when parents divorce. Settling on orders that serve children’s best interests and do justice to both the mother’s and father’s roles in their lives can be very difficult. With children’s futures and most important relationships in the balance, emotions run extremely high.

Louisiana child custody orders determine where children will live, whether one or both parents have a right to input on major decisions in their lives, and the time they will spend with a “noncustodial” parent. It is crucial to have a basic understanding of relevant laws, including the factors considered by judges when awarding custody rights in Louisiana. With this information and my legal guidance, you can set achievable goals and decide on the best approach to custody and other issues in your contested divorce or paternity matter.

Fighting For Parental Rights And Protecting Against Unfair Outcomes

My Baton Rouge-based family law practice is balanced between assertion and defense of mothers’ and fathers’ rights. You can turn to me, long-standing divorce and child custody lawyer Keith Friley, Attorney at Law, for:

  • Assessment of your personal and family circumstances as the court is likely to view them, in order to help you set clear, realistic expectations.
  • Exploration of creative solutions and opportunities for a compromise that may allow you to achieve your most important goals without the costs and stress of full-blown litigation
  • Clear, practical guidance on what to do — and what not to do (such as engaging in angry exchanges with your divorcing spouse) — to best position yourself for the custody result you want and protect your children from unnecessary pain and damage
  • Total preparation for mediation or skilled, dynamic representation in court if you cannot otherwise reach an agreement

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Whatever complexities your case may involve, from demanding work schedules to concerns about child support and alimony or allegations of abuse, I am here to advise you and stand by you every step of the way. I also handle custody and support modifications, child relocation cases and a full range of other Louisiana family law concerns.

For counsel you can trust, directly from an attorney with 30 years of experience protecting diverse clients’ custody rights and personal interests, please schedule a face-to-face consultation.