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Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas
Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas

Uncontested Divorce Through Mediation

Uncontested divorce in the state of Louisiana can be an expedited process that allows the parties to dissolve their marriage and separate on somewhat peaceful and civil terms. If you and your spouse have decided that divorce is the best option and that you wish to compromise on the various issues involved, you may greatly benefit from mediation. You will be able to decide on various issues such as child custody, alimony, asset division, and others without the interference of the courts or a judge.

This can be a very good option for those who wish to speed the process along and minimize the costs; however, there are cases when one spouse may try to be dishonest about or contest various elements. In divorce the assets must be divided into equal shares, this is done by determining the value of the physical assets and various bank accounts. One spouse may lie about the value of an old car or other assets. This can produce an unbalanced division of the marital assets, resulting in an unfair situation for the spouse who receives less. You must be sure that this does not happen to you. There are many compromises to be made.

Compromise in Divorce Cases

There are cases when one spouse may be greatly tempted to compromise for the sake of moving the case along. It is important that you understand the value of your compromise and what it will mean for you in the future. Divorce is an option for relief and is designed to provide you with a better future; however, if you make compromises that will hinder your future, the option of divorce may not provide as much relief as you need. We at Friley & Dugas, LLC, can help you in your divorce case to prevent irrational compromise and to defend your rights in this process.

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