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Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas
Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas

Understanding Your Options In A Contested Divorce

In some marriages, the husband and wife gradually decide that divorce is the best option and both want to move forward by settling issues as fairly and promptly as possible. In many others, one spouse drives this process, making it essential for the other to aggressively defend his or her rights.

Do You Expect A Tough Battle Over Child Custody Or Financial Matters?

Whether you believe that your divorce can be resolved peacefully or that key issues will be intensely disputed, every decision you make about how to proceed and conduct yourself matters greatly. We at Friley & Dugas, LLC, are Baton Rouge-area lawyers with over 40 years of experience helping people like you deal with every facet of divorce.

If you and your spouse can reach an agreement on child custody, visitation, division of community property, alimony and more, you may be able to complete an uncontested divorce. Mediation is often effective for addressing details and identifying solutions acceptable to both parties. However, it is essential to be fully prepared for contested divorce if your spouse refuses to work in good faith toward reasonable solutions.

All-Out, Strategic Preparation To Protect Your Future

In our long-standing law practice, devoted entirely to divorce and other complex family issues, we are dedicated to:

  • Encouraging settlement by the most direct, affordable means while rigorously protecting against unfair outcomes
  • Helping clients achieve clarity on realistic, achievable goals and carefully weigh the potential costs and risks of divorce litigation
  • Advocating skillfully and passionately for people who must take matters to court and rely on a judge to issue orders that will affect them and their children for many years to come

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Divorce is intimidating and stressful under any circumstances. Unfortunately, some people give in on critical matters — especially those involving children and finances — only to have serious regrets later on. Others will do anything to get what they want, including misrepresenting the facts of the case.

When you turn to Friley & Dugas, LLC, you will work directly with us through every phase of your divorce. If your case is contested, we will help you consider all angles and steps for the protection of your future. At every juncture, you will benefit from our experience in Louisiana courts and our commitment to earning the best possible outcomes for you.