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Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas
Photo of Keith Friley and Fritz H Dugas

Answering All Of Your Alimony-Related Questions

Just as people use different terms to refer to spousal support — with most still calling these payments alimony — they have widely different views of how and when spousal support is awarded. If you are divorcing in Louisiana and believe you should receive alimony, or your spouse will seek alimony, the attorney you choose is very important.

Do You Expect To Receive Spousal Support Or Be Ordered To Pay It?

Your concerns may involve both a temporary spousal support award and longer-term payments. Both can be critical for your financial stability since your case may take months or years to complete and the adjustment to financing a separate household may be significant. What you pay or receive — for how long — will certainly impact your life going forward.

Experienced, Detail-Conscious Protection Of Your Financial Future

Friley & Dugas, LLC, a dedicated Baton Rouge-area lawyer who has been helping people deal effectively with complex divorces and other family law concerns for 40 years. You can count on us to hear you out and offer clear, realistic guidance on:

  • The likelihood that the court would award periodic spousal support based on the specifics of your case: the length of your marriage, standard of living, each spouse’s earning capacity and other factors
  • Strategies for targeting a fair outcome based on accurate financial information, which may require substantial investigation and accounting analysis
  • Viable solutions to alimony/spousal support disputes such as “like-kind exchanges” of lump sums, property interests or other assets in lieu of support payments

If spousal support is likely to be a key issue in your divorce — or if you have undergone a major change in circumstances and want to pursue a modification — we are here to help. In addition to our wide-ranging family law experience, our professional accounting background is a key asset for clients with financially complex concerns.

Your level of preparation for direct attempts to settle, mediation or litigation could make a major, lasting difference in your financial well-being. We prepare our cases rigorously, and we will be responsive to you every step of the way through resolution. To schedule a consultation and start protecting your financial interests, please call 866-915-0586 or email us now.